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**From Friday 26th April 2019 I will be off work for medical reasons and will not be able to answer or return calls or emails until mid-May and do not anticipate being back at work until the end of May at the earliest,. A list of other local qualified behaviourists is given at the bottom of this page or you are welcome to return completed questionnaires and referral forms and I will contact you to arrange a consultation date in June/July once I know exactly when I will be returning to work. Please note I am currently only taking on cases in DT9/10/11 and SP7/8**




The following local behaviourists are qualified and recognised by the ABTC and APBC


Donna Skinsley  01202 920159 - classes, behaviourals (all breeds of dog, cats and horses), one to one training

Pat Tagg dogtaggs.info@gmail.com - mainly shepherd breeds

Denise Nuttall 01202 861340 - behaviourals (all breeds of dog), classes

Trudi Atkinson 07989 643835 (cats)

Lindsay Mann - Behaviourals


Or check the ABTC's registers of Clinical Animal Behaviourists








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